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Bitiba GmbH

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Reviews Bitiba GmbH
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  • Unreliable, terrible customer service
    Just had the worst ever purchasing experience buying from Bitiba. Please don't put yourself through this. They are not worth it at any cost. Bad customer service starts with either no way to contact them by telephone, an automated number, or telephone representatives who just do not care. The price looks good but the service, infuriation and raised blood pressure when your delivery doesn't arrive, your animals go hungry and you try to get some sense out of them just kills the whole deal. Their issue, (which they won't ever learn) is that they rely on a South African Company, Yodel, for delivery. Every single delivery that I have ever had a delivery from Yodel, has been a complete disaster. Just try to call Yodel and you will quickly learn the issue. Try their customer service online chat and you will think that you are either talking to an automated service, which just repeats the same nonsense until you go away, or someone who either doesn't understand the problem or clearly takes great pride in winding you up until you burst a blood vessel or go away. My advice, find someone who doesn't use the cheap Yodel delivery company and save yourself the potential heart attack.
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    • Easy ordering
    • Good Price
    • Delivery unreliable - YODEL
    • Customer service useless
    • They do not care
Bitiba GmbH Bitiba GmbH
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